I’m a Los Angeles based writer writing about the things I love – food, travel, tennis and naughty people doing very naughty things. Like a husband tricking his wife into eating dog meat. Or an unhinged housewife pressing a gun into her husband’s neck. Or Serena Williams threatening to shove a tennis ball down a lines judge’s throat.

I’ve written for the online culinary journal, The Daily Gullet, and for the Not For Tourists series. My short story, “House Sitting”, was published this fall in the Awkward literary journal. I’m writer and editrix-in-chief of the daily tennis news and blog site, GOTOTENNIS.com, featuring gossip, commentary and my interviews with tennis stars like Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, John McEnroe and Stefan Edberg.

I’ve also just completed my first novel, Cupcake Death and Other Conditions, based on my years working in the deliciously depraved special events industry.

The novel Cupcake Death and Other Conditions follows the disintegrating career of Frankie Craven, the Keith Richards of Chicago’s high-end catering scene. Between quickies in the catering truck and rushing to pick up her mother from radiation appointments, Frankie finds herself losing control of her staff and her sanity. When her reckless behavior endangers her career, will Frankie go the way of a day-old staff lunch or begin rebuilding her life, one canapé at a time?

Inspired by almost a decade-long career as an event planner, the author takes readers on a genre-bending journey through Chicago’s historic ballrooms and chaotic catering kitchens. Written for people who prefer bourbon to Manolos, Cupcake Death and Other Conditions is a witty riff on the perils of career, Mr. Wrongs and the life hard-lived.


hrovai (at) gmail (dot) com